Loving My Husband Intentionally: Love Dare Day 36

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Day 35: Love is Accountable

I must find a marriage mentor… someone who is a strong Christian and who  will be honest and loving with me. If I feel that counseling is needed, then I must take the first step to set up an appointment. During this process, I must ask God to direct my decisions and discernment.

This is something Craig and I talked a little bit about last night and we will be continuing to pray about.

Dear friends, Craig’s mom, Ginny, went to be with the Lord last night. We are so sad and I don’t think I could say anything better than Craig already did here in his blog today….


Please keep our family in your prayers. I am so thankful for the precious time Teresa and I shared with her a few weeks ago. God is so good.

me and Ginny

Day 36: Love is God’s Word

I must commit to reading the Bible every day. I need to find a devotional book or other resource that will give me some guidance. If my husband is open to it, I need to see if he will commit to daily Bible reading with me. I need to begin to submit every area of my life to its guidance and start building on the rock.

Psalm 119:105

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.

THIS is the #1 area I focus on with all of my Christian Life Coaching Clients. They will usually come to me seeking guidance in a certain area of their life, but as our coaching relationship grows, they understand 100% how their daily walk with the Lord through His Word and living it out is integral to our success in every single aspect of our lives.

If you can commit to spending intentional, quality time with God every single day, not only will you be filled with more joy than you have ever experienced before, but your marriage and other relationships in your life will be blessed.

If you are already doing this…. Maybe it’s time to kick it up a notch as the Kendrick Brothers suggest by having daily devotional time with your spouse. I have a book that I would love to recommend to you: Closer: Devotions to Draw Couple Together by Jim and Kathy Burns.

I think THIS book is a wonderful next step for any couples who have completed the Love Dare journey. Just as The Love Dare challenges individuals to intentionally love their spouse, Closer shows wives and husbands how to grow and love TOGETHER. There are 52 devotionals in the book, each one with real-life stories and scripture that will inspire couples to draw closer through faith conversations. Such conversations are vital for emotional and spiritual intimacy in any marriage, especially a Christian marriage.

What I like most about this couples’ devotional is that each day also gives you great questions about the topic to dive deeper in conversation about it with your mate, and practical action steps to take to bring you closer.

I understand that wise marriages and families build their houses on the rock of God’s Word. We certainly have seen what sand can do and we know how it feels when our footing gets soft and the foundation gives way. I know that if Craig and I are in Word daily and living out God’s principles in our daily walk, we can plan on a stronger future… no matter how bad the storms get…. and I have already seen us walking that out.

Logistically, I think it would be hard for me and Craig to commit to doing a daily devotional together with how often he is traveling, but I know it would be possible. Honestly…. We have really been doing that through this Love Dare and blogging/ sharing about our perspectives on each day of the journey. What would this look like in your marriage? What if your husband isn’t Christian? How are you being intentional about building a solid foundation for your marriage and your family?

About submission…. I understand that every aspect of my life that I submit to God’s principles will grow stronger and more long-lasting over time. I am already seeing that work in areas I have recently given over to him. But any part that I withhold from Him, choosing instead to try my own hand at it, will weaken and eventually fall when the storms of life hit me. Ugh, it is so true!!! Thank GOD I am not in this alone!!!

Lord, I am asking that you show us through Your Word if there are any areas in our lives that we am neglecting to give over to You. What aspects of our lives are in the greatest need of Your counsel? Where do we feel the most susceptible to failure? Help give us Your revelation in these areas today in order to bring us closer to living in Your will. Thank you Lord for meeting us all right where are today. You are so faithful and we are so humbled by Your never-ending grace and mercy. Bless us all today as we are bombarded with the World and help us make Godly choices and decisions for our families and our marriages. Amen ❤

Many blessings to all of you and please do share with me about what this will look like specifically in your marriage…



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Loving My husband Intentionally: Love Dare Day 35 Loving My Husband Intentionally: Love Dare Day 37

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