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A Resolution to Champion Biblical Femininity

Purposefully Feminine

A little-known Meg fact:

I have 2 BA degrees…. One in English and one in Women’s Studies. While I was in college, I wrote many papers and spoke at many women’s conferences in southern California coming from a feminist perspective on many issues. I was a Christian at the time, but I did not have an intimate relationship with the Lord and I was not walking the walk… or talking the talk.

I grew up with my brother being very verbally abusive to me. Our relationship is great now, but until I was about 20 years old, it was rough. he called me fat, ugly, lesbian, gross, nerd, etc…. you get the idea. I always seemed to date guys who were self-professed born-again Christians who lived a life that was anything BUT that. When I broke up with my first long-time boyfriend while I was in college, he accused me of being lesbian and was positive it was all of my women’s studies “non-sense” that caused me to break up with him. He spread around some pretty ugly stuff about me being lesbian and I had to let go of many friendships at that time.

My first husband was agnostic. He made fun of every religious view. I kept my faith through my marriage, but did not go to church.

When Craig and I got together, we believed in God, but were not practicing. We had many “friends” who were Christian treat us very badly which made us mad at God. Silly, right? Well, we did finally wise up and realize that it was silly to punish God for what humans were doing and we re-dedicated our lives to Him along with our kids.

Having kids come into my life really helped to change my perspective on a lot of issues and helped me to really embrace my femininity.

The chapter we are about to begin in Resolution for Women  is very near to my heart and I am excited to take it on, full speed ahead! You see, since my college years were put behind me and I began to follow the Lord with my whole heart, some of my views have been challenged and I have had to seek the Lord for guidance on many occasions where I found that my heart and my head were in conflict over things I would read in scripture that went against my core beliefs I held onto for so long. It helped me not to hide about the issues but to really cry out to God for direction and understanding to help me discern my own thoughts and be guided through what He wanted for me to see in His Word about tough issues.

Okay then… so what does it mean to be “feminine’?
1. pertaining to a woman or girl: feminine beauty; feminine dress.

2. having qualities traditionally ascribed to women, as sensitivity or gentleness.
3. effeminate; womanish: a man with a feminine walk.
4. belonging to the female sex; female: feminine staff members.
A “champion” is a fighter or warrior and to act as a champion means to defend; support: to champion a cause.

My Vicky is a Champion!!!

So… are you starting to get a better idea of what we are resolving to do this week?
We will be working to be able to resolve to live out, defend and support Biblical beauty, sensitivity, and other attributes that specifically speak to the nature of being Biblically feminine.
What does that look like for you? For me…. I love being a girl and as I have gotten older, I appreciate more and more how uniquely God has made us to be. I am looking forward to digging deep with all of you this week as we seek to understand how we can fully resolve to champion biblical femininity. Please come with me and pray for the Lord to speak directly to our hearts about this and heal any areas we have been afraid to let him into that need his tender touch. We love You, Lord, and we thank you for all you will do!!!!
What is Craig up to??? read all about it here:
****Please do not read this as me judging or condeming anyone who is lesbian. That is not my intent in this post at all….. it just never feels good when people put a label on you, especially one you do not own. No one’s sin is greater than another in God’s eyes, or mine ❤ I hope that is clear in my post today 🙂 I also rebuke the other lies that were said over me at a young age… each and every one! In Jesus’ name!!!!!

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