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Resolution For Women: Week 2 in Review

HAPPY Friday, my dear friends!

WHAT A WEEK! I don’t know about all of you, but this book sure is rocking my world! It’s all good of course, but as I sort through all of the junk I am resolving and being released from FOR GOOD, I can’t help but be a super-girly emotional mess! God is healing some places in me that I didn’t even know were sick….. and I pray He is healing your heart and soul as well.

We started off Week 2 learning what it means to have biblical femininity and to and live it out loud. Priscilla Shirer helped us to begin to understand the full scope of this aspect of our resolution by asking us to explore how we have seen feminist ideals affect women in the way they dress, act and make decisions. We thought about some ways we see young women today turning away from biblical womanhood and we mulled over what biblical principles of womanhood strike us as stifling or repressive.

That was a lot for my little head to digest…… but with all of your help, I made it through to day 2 and I’m glad you all did, too!  🙂

We had a good time on day 2 as we talked all about how good it is to be a girl! What an affirming day this was! I loved how much I saw everyone encourage each other as being GOOD, NECESSARY, IMPORTANT, WORTHY, and TRUSTWORTHY in every single role we live in our precious lives on this earth! I struggled quite a bit with the “worthy’ part of this exercise and I heard from many of you that you did too, but what it all came down to was that even if WE don’t feel worthy, GOD deems us as super worthy and the more we let that seep into our hearts, we will believe it too and live our every role with the COURAGEOUS confidence that God calls us to have!

We also talked about the importance of raising our children and all the young people we come in contact with to understand submission to authority and the value of women. You all came up with some great ways YOU can influence the young people in your life to appreciate biblical femininity and be their very vest for God to get all the glory!

Yesterday was all about submission in the last segment of reading for this week “Role Reversal.” With Priscilla’s help, we learned that surrendering to submission is not devaluing or demeaning your talents and gifts….. rather it provides boundaries within your potential can truly flourish! “Your strength can best be displayed, its benefits most fully experienced, when you choose the trusted, effective boundaries of God’s established order.” Wether leaders in your life live their responsibilities well or not, they will be held accountable for how they handle their role, just as we will be. It is our job to function well within our submitted roles all while we put our trust in God’s faithful love and goodness by obeying.

There is so much freedom and peace in that, dear sisters!

….and in that lies our second Resolution!


I will champion God’s model for womanhood in the face of a post feminist culture. I will teach it to my daughters and encourage its support by my sons.

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*****you can find all this and more over at today where I am guest blogging this week in review for them! *****

Next week, our topic is
Authentically Me— a resolution to value myself and celebrate others”.  
Oh…. I CAN’T WAIT for this!!!
Have a great weekend, ladies!  Craig and I have our house all to ourselves all weekend long as our kids will be at Church Camp in Pigeon Forge! It will be nice to have a break and get to recharge a little bit with my honey. 
Don’t forget…. Craig’s taking the Men’s Resolution Journey over here:

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