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Resolution for Women: Week 3 in Review

Authentically Meg

Authentically Me…..

In our society, it is hard to know if anyone or anything is really authentic. We are surrounded with knockoff designer purses and gowns….. and it’s really hard to know a lot of times if even your closest friends are being authentic in their interactions with you.

So…. we need to decide to be the change!

We learned this week in the Resolution for Women that God CHOSE us, He set us apart and He appointed us. He didn’t do these 3 things in order for us to be someone we are not or be just like everyone else. He created us all uniquely and gifted us with distinct talents by His divine design in order to MAKE us stand out and THRIVE in our own distinct way in our own different situations and circumstances.

It is so important for us to value and find worth in all of the things that make us unique. We must not try to hide them…. we must embrace these things and cherish them because we are all God’s perfect design. If God has put a dream into your heart that you have not started doing out of fear or because you feel ill-equipped, PLEASE start taking the steps you need to take TODAY to start making this dream a reality! God designed YOU specifically for it. If you don’t do it, YOU are not the only person who is missing out…. any life that you would potentially touch is also missing out on the blessing of YOUR divine design!

Dear friends, we must come together and support each other in this resolution to be our authentic selves. We owe it to our families, friends and even our jobs! Nothing is happenstance. God placed every person in your life for a reason just as you are in their lives for a reason. They NEED you to be true to who you are and value who God created your to be. Make this contageous! When you can fully live in such a way that honors your perfect design, your light will shine brighter than you ever thought possible! Your personality and soul will light up every room it enters and others will want what YOU have! It makes a difference, it changes things. It makes everyone want to be their best and you will feel so good being a part of it! 🙂

Remember…. YOU are the only YOU the world has!!! Take time to really know yourself and embrace who you truly are. Don’t be afraid to let that person out! Its time to get REAL and INTENTIONAL about using and celebrating all of your uniqueness! God is counting on it!

Lord, thank you for the revelation in the words Priscilla Shirer shared with us this week in the Resolution for Women. Be with us as we finish up our week wanting to be our unique selves. Help us see the ways we need to embrace the real us that we have been hiding and show it to the world! Encourage us to affirm our dear sisters in Christ to do the same and be an example to all the lives we come in contact with. May You get all the glory, Heavenly Father! We love You, Lord, and we thank you! In Jesus’ name we humbly pray, amen ❤

Craig really is writing some awesome words for the men over at his blog:



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