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The Resolution for Women: My Best

We have successfully finished the first part of the book (THIS IS WHO I AM)  and we have resolved to be….

  • Surprisingly Satisfied ….. a resolution to be content
  • Purposefully Feminine….. a resolution to champion biblical femininity
  • Authentically Me…… a resolution to value myself and celebrate others
  • Faithfully His….. a resolution to be devoted to Christ and defined by His Word

NOW….. we are moving on to Part 2


My Best…. a resolution to devote myself completely to God’s priorities  for my life.

Priorities……. Oh yes, Priscilla…… you are SO speaking my language here!!!!

I think it would be most appropriate for me to share some thoughts with you, my dear sisters, on TIME MANAGEMENT!!!!

As Christian women, it is incumbent upon us to achieve good time management skills. We need to be on time for appointments, conference calls, or any of the millions of events we commit to. Some of us already have these skills and others of us need to do more work in this area.

I have found that when the events you commit to line up with your values, you have less of a struggle with participating or completing them. When events are contrary to what you feel is right, is it any wonder why confusion or stress can result? It has been said that if we do not control the events in our lives, then the events can over run and begin to control us. So, my friends, now is the time to take control of our time and begin to prioritize more effectively!

I certainly know this first hand…. From the outside looking in, I have a pretty busy life as all of you do. I am a mom to 5 kids ages 14-20, 4 live under our roof, one comes home for one week every 7 weeks because of the nature of his job.  I have a husband who travels just about every week for 3-4 days… so most of the time, I am a “single mom.” I work 35 hours a week outside my home and I am a Certified Christian Life Coach. I currently have 5 clients I work with on a weekly basis. I lead a women’s bible study for my church Monday nights and I volunteer with the high school kids Thursday nights at our church. I also lead a women’s ministry and help my aging parents. I have kids’ appointments to get them to weekly and all of my other household duties.

Are you still with me?

What better time to work on this than at the end of summer, right? If we can master this NOW… just think how smoothly the rest of 2012 will go!

To some of us, this may sound easy and others may feel overwhelmed by this concept, but God does not call us to anxiety or confusion…. That all comes from the Devil and he would love nothing more than to de-rail your day from the Lord’s purposes in your life. How much longer do you plan on letting Satan win?

First, we need to understand event control: There are only 2 types of events

  1. The events we cannot control (traffic, weather, time of day, other people, your family)
  2. The events we can control: the time I get up, the foods I eat, my exercise program, how I allow others to make me feel, and who my friends are)

The problem lies in the basic thought patterns of most individuals…. There are some events in life I CANNOT control, bit I believe I CAN!! There are some events in life I CAN control, but I believe I CANNOT.

We cannot control people, places, or things. The only thing in life we can truly control is ourselves. Also, others cannot make us feel a particular way, without our permission. If we feel bad, we have allowed this. It takes a conscious decision to feel good and remain positive…… understanding these concepts and successfully living them out will save you a lot of time!!!

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can,

and the wisdom to know the difference!”

~the serenity prayer

Increasing Productivity

When we control our events, we have increased productivity, thus, higher self-esteem! People who feel good about themselves produce good results! Isn’t it true that when you take the time to plan your day, you accomplish more than when you fly by the seat of your pants? Isn’t it rewarding to check off the things on your list and see what you have completed?

Ideally, your first step is to get a day planner or learn a new application in your smart phone. I prefer Microsoft Outlook because for my job, I spend much of my day on the computer and Outlook also synchs to my other mobile devices. In that calendar or day planner, you will be able to organize your day from morning till night. The benefit of this is that you will be able to see exactly how you spend each hour of your day.

I have an exercise for you to make you aware of how you currently spend your time:

First, begin by writing everything you need to do for that day. This includes everything from saying your prayers to brushing your teeth to having lunch with your favorite friend. Everything takes time! Next to each event, write down the time it takes to do it. Do this for one week to evaluate how you spend your time.

Next, you must plan your days’ events with priorities in mind. Use a letter A to indicate high value priorities, B for medium value priorities, and C for low value priorities.

An A event is a MUST (doctor appointment, boss meeting, pick kids up from school, etc.)

A B event is a “should do” (getting your car washed, calling your mother-in-law, send a card to a friend)

A C event is a “could do” (read a good book, a sale at the mall, etc.)

****Can you make any of these into a D event and DELEGATE????

This is a great way to see what we deem as most important in our lives. Is God really first? Or do we just say He is and put Him on the C list??? When we look at our list it is important to realize that no matter what, we should get every A event accomplished… then we can go to the B and C events are those we can push to the next day or things we can fit in if time allows.

What we realize when we schedule everything we do, like watching TV and spending time with our spouse, is that we sometimes spend more time watching TV than we do spending time with our spouse! The problem most people don’t realize is that WE CANNOT MAKE UP TIME!!! Once time is wasted, we cannot get it back. There will be time for re-runs of your favorite show, but if you show up for TV more than you do for your spouse, you may be watching those re-runs alone!

Optimum time management is when my behavior is in line with my values!!!

To help you decide how to spend your day, pray for God to give you discernment. What is important and what is not? By listing all the things you do each day, you can begin to see what it is you spend your time doing. Most of us waste time, but until we look at it in black and white, we have trouble seeing it.

I spend the first 45 minutes of my morning with God every single day and since I have let him have complete control of my to-do list, I am amazed with all I get done and how good I feel about it! I live for Him, so its silly for me to think that I can actually control my day!

I can create boundaries around the tasks God wants me to complete but that’s about the extent of the control I have on my days!

We must live our everyday life and fulfill our obligations.

The Universal to-do list looks something like this:

Work (meetings, marketing/ publicity, desk tasks, planning, billing, reading, writing)

Errands (banking, gas station, post office, cleaners)

Children (school, lessons, sports, car pool, play dates, parties)

Appointments (health, fitness, beauty, car, animals)

Shopping (food, clothing, home, gifts)

Correspondence (bills, letters, cards, packages)

Home (cleaning, laundry, cooking, repairs, entertaining, gardening, decorating)

Family (holidays, reunions, get-togethers)

Friends (dinners, hobbies, coffee dates)

Church/ Community (attend church, fundraising, service projects, Bible study)

Personal (rest, introspection, relaxation, grooming, creativity, education, pleasure)

Life is made up of one resource: TIME. You do have choices on how you spend your time. Start by considering why you waste time on the things that do not agree with your priorities based on what your values are. Re-evaluate the importance of these events.

Life is too short to waste because you can never recover what you lost. When you realize this, you will see the changes you can implement. You will then begin to experience relief when you have more time to spend on the things you cherish and less time on the things you don’t.

How to realistically manage your time wasters (TV, Facebook, email, phone, etc…)

****I schedule it in! Seriously! It might look like I am on Facebook all day because I have it available to me on mobile devices, but I only really spend TIME on Facebook in the morning and in the evening for a half hour at a time, if that.

I do not answer my phone every time it rings and I do not answer emails as soon as I get one. I carve out periods of time in my day for those things. Now, if it is my spouse or one of my kids, I answer when I can, but for calls that I KNOW are not urgent, I give them a backseat until the time I have scheduled for that, Otherwise, I would let my day get de-railed all over the place! Satan would love that, right?

You might not like to hear this, but I don’t watch TV. Now, I have other ways I unwind, but TV is not one of them. I like to play words with friends or read a book, but that time is scheduled and it is a C item for me… as time permits. God is so good, He knows when I need that time and he always makes a way for me to have it!

If you made it this far…. BLESS YOU!!!! God laid it on my heart to share all this with you to help prepare us all for our week ahead! Please share with me any revelations God might have shown you through this post and by all means, share with me your discoveries when you do the exercise I mentioned!!!

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the amazing book and for all of my dear sisters who are traveling this journey with me. Bless them all Father and give us all discernment on having our priorities match YOURS so that we can be our BEST for Your GLORY!!! Clear away all of our distractions and time-wasters so that we can be fully devoted to YOUR plan! We thank you in advance for all you will do! In Jesus’ name, amen ❤

Those men are on one amazing jouney!!!! Keep up with Craig here:


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