Teresa has a wonderful blog post for you today on authority and submission… ❤

Girlfriends Coffee Hour

HAPPY TUESDAY EVERYONE!!  Last week we talked about putting “First Things First”.  In that discussion we talked about what it means to put God’s Kingdom FIRST.  To do that properly, we need to know why we are to do that.  Last week we looked at Matthew 6:33, “But put God’s kingdom first.  Do what he wants you to do.  Then all of those things will also be given to you.”  Today we are going to talk about the next sentence, “Do what HE wants you to do.”  The only ways we can truly do that is by accepting Jesus’ authority over our lives and submit to that authority.  Those are two pretty scary words, so don’t shut off your brain on me just yet.  J  We can get this…

So I looked up the definitions of Authority and Submission for us and this is what I found:


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YOU were made in Heaven ❤

Girlfriends Coffee Hour

Made in Heaven

There are just some things you notice about people that stand out in a way in which you know there is no way they are not related.  One day I saw a momma with her two kids, their facial features were IDENTICAL.  There was no way those precious children were not hers.  My nieces have the same long, blond, straight hair.  They look like twins.  When you see them, you know they belong to one another.  Now on the contrary, you will see that family of red heads along with a blond haired little girl.  Does that blond girl really belong with the rest of the family?  There is no way by just looking at that family you would be able to say without a shadow of a doubt that the blond haired girl is related to the rest of the red heads.

Have you ever felt…

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Breathe deep and be ready to be still with Coleen and the good news ❤

Girlfriends Coffee Hour

Lord, I thank You for Your promise that as we draw near to You, You will   draw near to us!


Be quiet. Sit still.  Draw   close.  Dwell in His presence.

Rest in His love.  Listen as He speaks.  Cling to His words. And remember, God speaks to those He loves….

What a privilege we have that the Almighty God, He Who is mighty to save,   the Creator of the heavens and the earth would speak with us!  That He   would draw us to Himself, bringing us into a tender and close relationship   with Himself!

Think about the importance of God’s words.  With His words He   spoke all of Creation into existence.

And God said, Let there be light; and there was light.

Then God said, “Let there be an expanse   in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the   waters..and it was so.


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DIane’s blog post for the teens today over at GCH:decaf is all about the impact of having Godly friendships! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have ❤

Girlfriends Coffee Hour

Have you ever had a pen pal? I remember in elementary school that was the thing to do! We were actually required to find and keep pen pals from all over the world. Back then it was hand written letters not emails. I loved having pen pals, but unfortunately the only lasting pen pal I had, was my grandmother. From the time I was a little girl my grandmother and I have been writing letters back and forth. She always tells me, she doesn’t do email and is so excited that I still write to her! I don’t think she knows the excitement I have that my grandmother takes the time to speak truth and love and hope into my heart through her precious letters to me!

My grandmother is the sweetest lady you could ever meet. Her obedience to the Lord is not only captivating but completely inspirational and…

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He’s still the same, He’ll hever change… He is the everlasting God!!! I love this blog post today from my dear friend Tonya Elliott!

Girlfriends Coffee Hour

… and He wants to connect with YOU!!

Hello GCH: Decaf Girls!!! I am so excited to be walking alongside you on this journey! I want to share with you that the God you hear about and have read about in your Bibles, is the same today as He was a long time ago. He reaches out to us in so many ways.

I can sense who He is whenever I am by water…any large body of water.  The water is like God in a sense. The water is soothing and comforting. The sounds of the water brushing up against the bank is as if God is reaching out for me to tell me that everything is going to be okay and that He is here for me.  Water is also a source of cleansing which reminds me that He washed away all of my sins and I am a…

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God is doing some amazing work over at GCH:decaf connecting teen girls from all over the world! Praise HIm as our original social networker!!!

Girlfriends Coffee Hour

Last week I was working on getting all of the social media organized, and I had a million questions. Thankfully, Megan called me Friday afternoon, and she was SO helpful, as always. ❤ While we were chatting, the Holy Spirit spoke something to my heart that immediately came out of my mouth. He said, “The same God who wrote on tablets is now connecting people through social networking.”

So, let me share a story with you. I have known since I was 17 that I wanted to be a worship leader, and I have always looked up to and admired women who were on worship teams or who travelled and led worship. In particular, I looked up to Kari Jobe. I loved to watch her lead worship, and I have always been so inspired by her relationship with the Lord. About a year ago, she was leading worship in Destin…

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…When you put Jesus FIRST, everything else just falls into place ❤ I pray this is a blessing to you today 🙂

Girlfriends Coffee Hour

First Things First

To get us ready for the new study, “A Daughter’s Worth” I was thinking about how we should get started.  Where do we jump in?  How do we get our feet wet?  This is what I came up with after thinking and praying on it all weekend.  It’s pretty profound, so don’t miss it…Do the first thing first.  Item number 1 has to come before item number 2.  I went to the guide book (the Bible) and it told me things like:

Matthew 6:33

“But put God’s kingdom FIRST.

 Do what he wants you to do.

Then all of those things will also be given to you.”

Our family just came off of a wonderful, worshipful weekend that left us making sure we were putting God’s kingdom FIRST and that we are doing what he wants us to do.  We sat down with 6…

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