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Faithfully His: I’d like a Word with You

I love God’s Word.

For real!!!! My favorite is to look up as many translations as possible and really DIG IN till I’m chewing on every syllable! The word-nerd in me LOVES it…. but its one thing to read His Word and quite another to let it speak to your soul and nourish you from the inside out in order to turn FAITH into being FAITHFULLY HIS ❤

I used to have a really hard time reading my Bible. For real….. there were no pictures and it overwhelmed me. I prayed about it and asked God to show me what HE wanted me to find in it…. I asked Him to reveal to me HOW I was supposed to read it to get what HE had for me through it.

He showed up.

He led me to the Message translation. I realize that it gets criticized for being a “watered down” version of the gospel….. but it met me right where I was in my spiritual walk at the time and I was HOOKED!!!! It made me want to dive into other more socially accepted translations and truly appreciate the truth God had for me in His Word.

You need to commit to be in the Word. Period. Praise music is great…. “Christian” films are wonderful….. Devotionals rock my world, too….. but NOTHING is a substitute for being in God’s Word every day!

“…the Bible is the tool divinely inspired to guide and equip you for a life lived faithfully. In a world inundated with ideas to the contrary, it is your constant reminder of who you REALLY are, why you’re REALLY here, and who you REALLY belong to. You’re HIS. And HIS Word helps to keep you sure of that.”

Preach it, Priscilla! She also gives us an amazing gift in this lesson…. a list of affirmation statements taken directly from the Word of God to speak over your life, my life, and the lives of all those we love.

TODAY God invites you to live a life marked by faithfulness. By His Spirit and with guidance and encouragement of His Word, this is an attainable goal for you. No matter what your past has held, this resolution can mark a new beginning. Read the resolution prayerfully and sign your name to it when you are ready.


Faithfully His

 I will live as a woman answerable to God and faithfully committed to His Word.

Signed x ____Megan “be the change” Smidt_____

God, Thank you for Your Word and the truth it holds. I praise You for the promises it holds over my life and the lives of all who choose to believe. Help me to stay consistent in breathing in Your Word and putting it to the street as I choose to live faithfully Yours! I love you Lord and I am so thankful for your perfect provision ❤ In Your Son;s name I pray these things, amen.

I would love for you to share in Craig’s journey here:


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Faithfully His: Faith vs. Faithfulness

James 1:3 (ESV)

For you know that  the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.

Ok so you know how Priscilla gave the example of Mama eagle and her baby eagles in the nest and how she makes the nest really uncomfortable for the babies once they are ready to stand to their birdie feet and fly?

Yeah well…. this reminded me of part of my story when God was the mama eagle and I was a baby eagle ready to take flight.

Go ahead and grab your favorite cup of coffee, sink into your favorite chair and great ready for this fun example of faith vs. faithfulness during story time with meg ❤

One upon a time there was a Godly stepmother who had five darling children and a husband who happened to have an ex-wife who lived 2000 miles away. Ex-wife just so happened to be bio-mama to the 5 children and had just given birth to a new baby and had a fiancée who her bio-kids had never met. Our gorgeous Godly stepmother had just changed her title to Godly adoptive mama to the 5 kids 7 months after the kids’ half-brother was born and bio-mama decided that she was going to travel with half-brother, and fiancée to visit Godly adoptive mama’s 5 kids.

(okay, that fancy talk is starting to get on MY nerves….. )

So, THIS STRESSED ME OUT! It had been several years since the kids had seen bio-mom and they were very nervous about the visit…. especially meeting her fiancée and their new half-brother. As you can imagine, they were excited to meet him, but also had mixed feelings about it because she had chosen to give her kids to us to raise back in 2003.

God spoke into me one day that I needed to serve her. I had no idea what that looked like or what He meant…. but I knew He was preparing me for something BIG. I told Craig about this Word from God and he laughed! I believe his exact words were “good luck with that. “

I began to pray about this and it seemed like every single Sunday the sermon spoke straight to my heart about forgiveness and serving. A few weeks later God told me that I needed to invite her and her boys to our house for dinner (say WHAT?!?!?!) and I needed to offer to help with any logistical things she might need in planning hotel, etc. Once again, I told Craig about this and he responded with…. “good luck with that!”

So, I called her. It was one of the most awkward conversations of my life, but I was obedient and offered to help with finding a hotel, zoo passes, etc to help make the trip planning go smoothly. She DID think I was a little nuts since I am a planner and she isn’t so much, but she was nice about it and said she would “let me know.” I then explained to her how the kids were a little nervous about meeting fiancé and baby so to help with this, we would like to invite them to our home for dinner so we could all meet in a place where the kids felt safe and comfortable to get to know them.

She was shocked, and speechless, but finally responded with a drawn out “ooooookaaaaay.”

She said she’d let me know.

I got off the phone and wanted to vomit, but I kept down my lunch and I think it took me about a week to stop shaking. That night at dinner, I told the kids what I did and they were SO RELIEVED!!!!


The said that they had been so nervous about this and how much more comfortable they would feel about meeting them in our home. James (my chef) agreed that he would make dinner (…and show mom how he progressed since his easy bake oven days…) and the kids were thrilled to know we would be here to help guide their hearts.

THAT conversation with the kids made me KNOW I was definitely hearing from God and acting within His will!

Bio-mom didn’t let me know until a few days before their arrival that they accepted our offer and they did come and have dinner in our home. James made a wonderful meal and we all fell in love with half-bro and we also really liked fiancé! The kids felt much more at peace about spending the next 5 days with them and Craig and I felt a lot better about it all too.

God pushed me sooooooooo very far out of my comfort zone but it was so worth it!!! My kids were able to see an example of trusting God even when you think He is asking you to do something CRAZY and how He so faithfully shows up and shows off!!!

So….. every fairy tale has a moral to the story, right?

Priscilla describes faithfulness as “moving from firm persuasion into forward motion.Having a stung set of beliefs is one thing. But standing up tall o them, making decisions according to them, and adjusting your life to line up with them- that’s quite another. That’s faithfulness”


WOW!!!! Knock me on the floor!!!!

I did not have to listen to God. It would have been easier, less stressful, and less painful for me to have just let them all try to figure it out and maneuver their way through that awkward, stressful time getting to know each other. BUT… that wash;t the RIGHT thing to do and I would have been ignoring this divine appointment. We have to be willing to put our feet to the pavement to LIVE OUT LOUD what our faith dictates. How can we be salt and light if we are so consumed with our feelings, our hurts, our fears, and our selves to stop and consider the current season we are in and how we were designed uniquely by our Creator to SHINE in it for HIS glory?

Where are you, WOMEN of courage?!?!???! Every person God has surrounded you with NEEDS for you to work through this and RESOLVE once and for all to live Faithfully HIS!

Heavenly Father……… WOW!!!!! Just when I thought this book couldn’t take us to a higher level, Priscilla kicks it up another notch! Thank you LORD for putting these words on her heart and giving her a flawless way of delivering your message in a way that we can sink our teeth into. Lord, I pray that you are with every single woman on this journey today and hold her safely under your mighty wing as she searches her hear t and soul for what YOU have for her in this lesson. Help her to see how SHE can best make a difference for You in her current situation and live out the walk you have prepared for her alone. Give us the wisdom to know how to beat speak to her heart so that she continues to grow closer to you in becoming faithfully YOURS! We love you, Lord, and we thank you. In Your Son’s mighty name I pray, amen ❤ 

Craig is on the Men’s Resolution journey over here:

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Faithfully His: Divine Appointments

I am guest blogging today over at Girlfriends Coffee Hour:

What is YOUR divine appointment in your current season?

Mine? Well, I had a hunch what mine is and I just asked Craig what he thought it was and he confirmed it for me…. what God has been speaking into my heart….

In this season, my unique, divine appointment is to build my Christian Life Coaching business to help more women become more faithfully His to live our their unique purposes on this earth! ❤

…and may He get all the GLORY!!!!!


Craig is on the Resolution for Men journey over on his blog:

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