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The Resolution for Women: My Forgiveness

My Forgiveness

A resolution to release others from the prison of my hurt and anger.

I started writing my own post for today but i keep going back and deleting because I know in my heart that what you really need to hear today about Lesson 7 of the Revolution for Women is what my dear friend Christi Wilson has to say over here at Girlfriends Coffee Hour:

Please click on this link and do the assignment that she posted. I know this will be a blessing to you and I will be writing about my lists this week as well.


Megan ūüôā

…please see what the men are up to over here:


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Faithfully His: I’d like a Word with You

I love God’s Word.

For real!!!! My favorite is to look up as many translations as possible and really DIG IN till I’m chewing on every syllable! The word-nerd in me LOVES it…. but its one thing to read His Word and quite another to¬†let it speak to your soul and nourish you from the inside out in order to turn FAITH into being FAITHFULLY HIS ‚̧

I used to have a really hard time reading my Bible. For real….. there¬†were¬†no pictures and it overwhelmed me. I prayed about it and asked God to show me what HE wanted me to find in it…. I asked Him to reveal to me HOW I was supposed to read it to get what HE had for me through it.

He showed up.

He led me to the Message translation.¬†I realize that it gets criticized for being a “watered down”¬†version of the gospel….. but it met me right where I was in my spiritual walk at the time and I was HOOKED!!!! It made me want to dive into other more socially accepted translations and truly appreciate the truth God had for me in His Word.

You need to commit to be in the Word. Period. Praise music is great…. “Christian” films are wonderful….. Devotionals rock my world, too….. but NOTHING is a substitute for being in God’s Word every day!

“…the Bible is the tool divinely inspired to guide and equip you for a life lived faithfully. In a world inundated with ideas to the contrary, it is your constant reminder of who you REALLY are, why you’re REALLY here, and who you REALLY belong to. You’re HIS. And HIS Word helps to keep you sure of that.”

Preach it, Priscilla! She also gives us an amazing gift in this lesson…. a list of affirmation statements taken directly from the Word of God to¬†speak over your life, my life, and the lives of all those we love.

TODAY God invites you to live a life marked by faithfulness. By His Spirit and with guidance and encouragement of His Word, this is an attainable goal for you. No matter what your past has held, this resolution can mark a new beginning. Read the resolution prayerfully and sign your name to it when you are ready.


Faithfully His

 I will live as a woman answerable to God and faithfully committed to His Word.

Signed x ____Megan “be the change” Smidt_____

God, Thank you for Your Word and the truth it holds. I praise You for the promises it holds over my life and the lives of all who choose to believe. Help me to stay consistent in breathing in Your Word and putting it to the street as I choose to live faithfully Yours! I love you Lord and I am so thankful for your perfect provision ‚̧ In Your Son;s name I pray these things, amen.

I would love for you to share in Craig’s journey here:

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